Tips on starting a plastic free lifestyle

Tips on starting a plastic free lifestyle

 Tips on starting a plastic free lifestyle

Picture yourself wearing a pair of jeans just once, and then throwing it away. Crazy, right? But that’s exactly what we do with thousands of single use plastic items. Straws, bags, cutlery, all disposed after a single use, yet manages to stubbornly resist nature’s efforts, remaining as is for hundreds of years. Imagine if that cup of coffee you bought in the morning lasted long enough to have your great-great grandkids stumble upon it in the streets.  


Although we’ve made our voices somewhat heard with Coles and Woolsworth changing to reusable plastic bags, it’s just plastic bags that we reuse a few times, till ending up in our seas, and that’s not even counting plastic bottles or other plastic stuff! Australians still send enough plastic to fill up a Melbourne tram every hour, and that trend isn’t slowing.


There is no Planet B, there’s no miracle laser coming to evaporate every single piece of plastic in the ocean. We’re living on borrowed time, and we all have to pay it back some day soon. You don't need to be a scientist to know the consequences of excessive plastic consumption, although there are some wonderful books on living a plastic free lifestyle such as No More Plastic by Martin Dorey as seen in the picture above (highly recommended!) that puts the context in an easy to digest format. Here are some tips to get you started on your plastic free journey!


7 Tips to get started on your plastic free journey!


Rethink your plastic use. Once you start thinking about your plastic use, you will start to notice just how much there is in everyday life. Here are some quick tips to create new habits and reduce your plastic use.

 Evereco produce bag

  1. Stash your bags

Remove the need to remember your reusable shopping bags by stashing them everywhere. Leave a couple at work, in your car, compact foldable bags as big as a wallet can fit in a handbag or pocket. Have a few by each door and get into the habit of returning them to each spot as you unpack groceries. Try our produce mesh bags made from recycled plastic bottles by Evereco! You can also rinse your products straight from the mesh bags to store them into your fridge, keeping them nice and semi covered.

 Cheeki reusable stainless steel tumbler and stainless steel lunch box

  1. Bring your own

This one is easy. Along with your bags, BYO to replace other single use plastics. BYO water bottle, coffee cup, straw. There are many varieties and sizes of these available and a quick search online will get you started. Try our Cheeki stainless steel lunchboxes that are easy to clean, and BPA free!

 Onya bulk food bag

  1. Be flexible

Scope your shop – go to the butcher where they use less packaging. Try bulk buy shops where you can use your own containers for pantry staples like flour, rice and spices. Split a shop with a friend so you can buy large packages and hopefully save money at the same time. Try our ONYA bulk food produce bags, made from recycled plastic bottles and BPA free!

 Say no to straws

  1. Practice saying no

First step in reducing plastic is to refuse plastic. At restaurants, bars and venues, say no to a straw as you order your drink. Choose products with less packaging while out shopping. Every little ‘no’ adds up. And you can look absolutely fabulous with our Evereco On-The-Go stainless steel straw kit!

 People teaching others to recycle

  1. Use your influence

Tell others about what you are doing and encourage them to reduce plastic use as well. Don’t be afraid to guilt trip them if you spot them using unnecessary plastic! It’s a shame that people can be so loving to others, yet not to the planet. This culture of excessive convenience can only be stopped if we’re in this together.


Mother teaching children how to recycle


  1. Get the kids on board

Use that pester power for good! Kids love a challenge so educate them about better plastic choices, then have them be the responsible ones to keep you on track. Don’t let them grow up thinking plastic is natural, and expected to be thrown away after a single use.

Plastic free living 

  1. Just get started

Pick one action and focus on that and, once you've nailed that habit, pat yourself on the back and choose another action to take on. Soon enough, habit will take over and you won’t even have to think about it. Even if its something as simple as bringing along a snazzy keep cup like our Cheeki insulated coffee cup!

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