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Sour Puss Cola 3-Pack 700ml [+ BONUS AIR FRESHENERS]

Sour Puss Cola 3-Pack 700ml [+ BONUS AIR FRESHENERS]

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Hey there, newest member of the crew! Say hello to the Sour Puss Sour Cola edition – the rebel of the flavor fam. Get ready for a taste rollercoaster that's sweeter than a secret crush, sourer than a clever comeback, and more cola-tastic than a retro dance-off. It's like sipping on liquid mischief that's been bottled up straight from those tangy cola bottle lollies we adored. Get ready to pucker up and party – this one's a wild ride for your taste buds!

3 bottles inside/Best Served cold
Bottle size - 700ml 

Plus free bonus 3-PACK OF AIR FRESHENERS

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